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Driving under the influence is a punishable criminal offense in Ventura County (Vehicle Code 23152 and 23153 as in all other Counties in the State of California. For instance, statistics from the California DUI management system show that in 2014, over 70% of the drivers arrested and charged for DUI were convicted. Of these DUI arrests, 96% were misdemeanor DUI offenses while 4% were felony DUI offenses.

As these statistics show, a DUI arrest should never be taken lightly as it has severe legal ramifications. Therefore, in case you are arrested for a DUI offense, you need to immediately contact a qualified and competent DUI defense attorney like John Pinnell. He'll use his knowledge of Ventura County's DUI laws to fight on your behalf to help you to avoid jail, hefty fines, and/or suspension of your license and driving privileges.
A qualified DUI attorney with extensive experience, John Pinnell understands the severity of the consequences of a DUI arrest and conviction. As such, he will passionately defend you and work relentlessly to get your DUI case dismissed or settled in terms that are favorable to you. This way, you’ll have a chance to resume your life and avoid the disruptions that come with DUI convictions.

Legal ramifications of Driving Under the Influence

Some of the legal consequences of driving under the influence include;

  1. Jail time; DUI offenders in Ventura County spend a minimum of 48 hours in jail
  2. Fines; These fines are hefty, costing you as much as $3,000.
  3. License suspensions and restrictions; Drivers found guilty of drunk driving have their licenses suspended for six months. It's possible to obtain permission to drive with no restrictions on the condition that an interlock device is installed in their vehicles.
  4. Formal probation; Regardless of whether you are charged with a misdemeanor DUI case, you will be placed under formal probation for a three-year period.
  5. Mandatory drinking driver program (alcohol school) that is paid for by the offender.

Other consequences of DUI arrests and convictions include being charged higher premiums on auto-insurances, complete discontinuation of insurance coverage, permanent cancellation of driving privileges if you are a commercial driver, and probable penalties by professional boards in specific professions.

Ventura County Specific DUI Laws

The majority of the laws and regulations that apply to DUI arrests and convictions are similar across Counties and States all over the country. However, Ventura County's DUI laws differ from those and are relatively unique. there are some variations in that there are other DUI laws that are to a large extent unique to

For instance, Ventura County DUI laws do not have a provision for plea bargains. The implication of this is that offenders cannot have their charges reduced. The outcomes can only be a conviction or complete dismissal of the case.

Also, if you get a DUI conviction in Ventura County, you are placed under formal probation, a fact that is not similar to other jurisdictions. This formal probation lasts for a period of three years and involves sending written reports to the probation officer in lieu of face-to-face meetings.

Therefore, Ventura County DUI laws are essentially more severe than those of other jurisdictions, thus making the need for an expert DUI attorney even more crucial.

Why should you hire a Ventura County DUI Attorney?

With most first-time DUI offenses being classified as misdemeanors, you may be persuaded to consider moderate mitigation measures including pleading guilty or otherwise self-defense. However, enlisting the services of a qualified and competent Ventura County DUI attorney is extremely vital and can completely change the course of your legal circumstances.

The benefits of hiring a DUI defense attorney include;

  • Your DUI defense attorney will offer invaluable legal advice and guidance during questioning to ensure you respond to the questions appropriately.
  • The DUI attorney will help prevent suspension of your driver’s license and other driving privileges by requesting a stay of suspension.
  • They will collect useful evidence and use it to build a strong case in your favor.
  • They will carefully assess the prosecution’s case and use it to create a comparative advantage to facilitate the dismissal of your case.

A Ventura County DUI defense attorney has a keen understanding of the complexities and unique DUI laws of your locality and is, therefore, best-suited to effectively defend you

Your DUI defense attorney will provide you with expert legal representation during both DUI and DMV hearings.

Therefore, as your Ventura County DUI defense attorney, John Pinnell will do the following for you;

  1. Conduct a consultation session and evaluation of your case; During this consultation session, your DUI defense lawyer will patiently listen to you and establish the specific circumstances of your DUI case. John Pinnell will then keenly evaluate your case and present you with the most effective legal options to help win your DMV and DUI hearings.

  2. Build a foolproof defense; After obtaining all the facts of your case, Mr. Pinnell will begin a thorough examination of your case to establish weaknesses in the prosecution’s narrative. He will also collect all the evidence that can help to strengthen your defense against the DUI charges. He will then develop a strategy for exploiting those weaknesses to ensure you have a strong and compelling argument for the dismissal of the DUI case.

  3. Offer you legal presentation for both your DUI and DMV hearings; John Pinnell will help you file for a DMV hearing before the mandatory 10 days elapse to prevent suspension of your driver’s license. He will then present a compelling case to persuade the hearing officer to rule in your favor.

  4. Negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf; As a skilled DUI defense attorney, Mr. Pinnell has apt negotiation skills that will come in handy in case there is an opportunity to negotiate with the prosecution for filing lesser charges.

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Ventura County has stringent DUI laws that can spell serious consequences for you if you get convicted. However, you can effectively avoid all that if you get expert legal representation from a DUI lawyer with your best interests in mind.

John Pinnell is a seasoned DUI defense attorney that has extensive experience defending clients in DUI cases and successfully getting their cases dismissed. He is diligent and will do all that is required to get you a favorable outcome that you will be happy about. Contact him today and let him help you beat that case.