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Criminal charges are the most serious cases in the legal system because they put your future in the hands of local prosecutors and the government. Unlike civil cases, where the only consequences are financial matters, criminal cases put your freedom at risk, and a bad result can have devastating effects on your life. The legal system is designed in such a complex way that, if you aren’t trained and experienced in the fine details and language of the law, and you’re charged with a crime, you’ll be unable to ensure that you receive all the rights owed to you as part of the legal process. An experienced criminal defense attorney is intimately familiar with the nuances of the legal system, and a skilled attorney can guide your case to reach the best possible outcome. John Pinnell has over two decades of legal experience and is a highly motivated attorney who aggressively pursues the best results for his clients in criminal cases. Most cases tend to have unique circumstances, and a skilled attorney can identify these unique circumstances and often use them to your advantage to either discredit the charges completely, or contest them in a way that results in greatly reduced charges. In any case, the legal system is conducted in a way that makes it not plausible to achieve any sort of favorable result without professional representation.

John Pinnell can protect you against a variety of criminal charges including:

  • DUI

  • Theft

  • Shoplifting

  • Sex offenses

  • Domestic

  • Battery and Assaults

  • Child abuse

  • Burglary or theft of property

  • Homicide / Murder

  • Drug offenses

  • Gang Offenses

Criminal cases can be complex, stressful matters. John Pinnell can represent you before prosecutors and the court so that you’re interfacing with legal personnel from a position of strength. Just the presence of a highly motivated and experienced defense attorney can deter prosecutors from pursuing charges against, especially in cases which have extenuating circumstances, unique details, or other factors which contribute to the case not fitting with the exact charges that are brought against you. In some cases, the presence of a defense attorney will cause the prosecutor to avoid trial completely, drop the charges, or offer an extremely favorable bargain in order to expedite the process. The exact outcomes depends on the nature and details of your case, but what remains consistent is that without dedicated representation you will not receive the best possible outcome.

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